A nice spot on a cool June day

Mileage (Roundtrip): 5.3 Trail Conditions: Smooth dirt trail.
Hike #: 2 Scenery (1 "Meh" to 10 "Amazing, Wow"): 6
Sullivan Hike #: 43 Difficulty (1 "Easy" to 5 "Difficult"): 1
Hike Name: La Pine State Park Region: Bend/La Pine

Driving Directions: Drive 23 miles south from Bend on Highway 97. Between mileposts 160 and 161 you will see a sign to “LaPine State Park”. Turn west on State Recreation Road and proceed 3.8 miles to the park entrance. Continue to the X-shaped junction and head to the “Campground” straight ahead or visit the “Big Tree” by heading to the right. The hike described in this post starts just past the campground near the McGregor Viewpoint parking area.

Bring: A fishing pole if you want to catch trout.

Other Things to Know: LaPine SP is open to mountain bikers. It is also a good spot for trail running. Don’t forget to stop by the “Big Tree” - a 500-year old, 8-foot diameter Ponderosa Pine. Very cool.

This is a nice State park with several hiking/walking loops and/or trail running loops that are accessible from the McGregor Viewpoint.  I recommend hiking the longest loop to Fall River Falls before exploring the other loops.

Angelique, Zoe, and I enjoyed a quick hike through LaPine SP on a cool and cloudy day in June.  Before heading out on the loop hike we enjoyed the view of the Deschutes River from the McGregor Viewpoint and the distant views of Paulina Peak.  The first mile or two of the trail to the Fall River Falls passes through a dense forest of lodgepole and ponderosa pines and is a bit spooky since you can’t see much other than thousands of trees in every direction.  Sometimes referred to as a “Human GPS” by my friends, I felt a bit lost during the first mile or so of the hike due to the numerous trail junctions and trail crossings near the McGregor Viewpoint.  After regaining my bearings I enjoyed the moody forest and the meandering trail and made a mental note to return for a trail run.  After a nice stretch along the Fall River, followed by a long forested stretch, we eventually arrived at the very

waterfalls, Fall River, La Pine, Oregon

Fall River Falls

scenic Fall River Falls.  Not a large cascade by any means, Fall River Falls is definitely a nice spot to rest and to enjoy Fall River.  The hike back to the car (partially along the Deschutes River) was very relaxing but both Angelique and I wish the “official” trail had passed by the confluence of the two rivers.

Deschutes River, La Pine State Park, pine trees, cloudy

Deschutes River

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