My wife (Angelique) and I moved to Bend, Oregon in 2016 after 20+ years in Northern California.   We both love the outdoors and are having a fantastic time exploring Oregon’s backcountry areas and trails with our border-collie/labrador mix Zoe.  I am excited to continue exploring this beautiful State on the weekends (and occasionally on week days) and look forward to documenting our outdoor adventures.

As described in the Welcome post, this blog initially was going to document a single adventure broken into 100 parts – completing all the hikes featured in William L. Sullivan’s 100 Hikes Central Oregon Cascades. But as an avid mountain biker, backpacker, trail runner, and kayaker I ultimately decided to post stories about activities other than hiking.  While my wife and I are more into warm weather activities, I wouldn’t be surprised if I post about fat tire biking, nordic skiing, or snow shoeing at some point, especially if we have another Snowpocalypse.  I guess you’ll have to wait and see.  Happy reading.

Patagonia, Torres Del Paine



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